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The rollerball pen guide

We just launched our new series on fine instruments with a particular focus on ballpoint pens. Although ballpoints are good for everyday writing and can be used even by left-handed individuals, they can dry very quickly so are ideal for left-handed users. Rollerballs, on the other hand are considered to have better quality and are the next best thing after the fountain pen.

Rollerball pen use the same mechanism of a regular ballpoint pen, however they use a water or gel based liquid ink. This is in contrast to the oil-based viscous ink used in the ballpoint pen. The rollerball pen gives you a writing style that’s closer to a fountain pen. The tip is actually a very small ball. The ink transfers from the ink reservoir onto the paper by rolling it.

History of the rollerball

Adam, a gentleman was responsible for the history rollerball. Adam was kind enough search for a polish article to translate to English for the forum. Adam has provided me with this information because there isn’t much information available on the history rollerball pens.

Rollerball pen

A rollerball pens produces a more consistent flow of ink than a regular pen. Also, it avoids less often than a usual ballpoint. A rollerball pen can be used to write in a similar way to a fountain pen. It needs much less compression to produce ink.

The writing style is cleaner and easier on the fingers, wrists and hands. It is more comfortable to use a rollerball to write. The rollerball also saves energy and can be used for longer periods without needing shake hands, something that is common with higher-impact writing instruments. There are many options available for ink types and colors. Writers will write quicker when they have less pressure on their hand and pen. Ink on paper tends not to be as clear and dramatic.

Due to the fact that they use a lot more ink than the ballpoint’s, rollerball pens can run out of ink much quicker than ballpoints. Rollerballs may leak faster and more often than a ballpoint due to their liquid or gel ink. This could be problematic if the pen is kept in your breast pocket, briefcase, or other places that you might use. Rollerballs are not as easy to carry around as fountain pens. The pen can leak from the pressure changes while flying, which can make it difficult to use. Another disadvantage to using a roll ball is the possibility of clogging. This can result in the ink cartridge becoming inoperable.

Tip width

Rollerballs don’t come in one size that fits all. Instead, you can pick from a range of tip widths: 0.2mm over 0.55mm, 0.7mm up 1mm, and 1.5mm. Like fountain pens, the tip remains round. That means the width of your writing stays the same.

The nibs on larger fountain pens like bb and b have straight nibs. This allows you to create beautiful curves while writing.

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