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Home Ways to Plump up Your Lips

Warning! If you have sensitive skin, or chapped, cracked, open-cut lips, these techniques should not be attempted.

Lip plumping, which is all the rage these days, is very popular. It’s a great way to give your pout a fuller look, even without any expensive and invasive procedures. These methods won’t make your lips plump for long. These techniques can also cause skin irritations, which can sometimes be severe, so take care. There are some hacks that you can make at home if you’re feeling adventurous. But, be careful.

Top Ways to Naturally Plump Your Lips

Here are the top some ways to plump up your lips at home.

Cinnamon honey & sugar lip scrub

Cinnamon is irritant-like in its natural components, so you may notice a slight swelling of your lips when it’s applied. That is why it is often added to lip-plumping products like lipsticks and glosses. It can be used to slightly plump your lips sweetener honey. This will also help to hydrate and lightly plump the skin.

Simply mix half a cup of honey with a pinch each of cinnamon and small-grain sweeteners. It is important to use small sugar crystals. These are the kind you find in sugar cubes or sachets at coffee shops. Then, mix all the ingredients and gently massage them onto your lips. This is the key to a smooth, gentle massage that lasts for a few minutes without over-scrubbing. This will not only smoothen your lips but will also slightly plump them up.

Bottle sucking

People started sucking bottles to expand their lips. The idea behind the lip injections is to simply suck on the top of the bottles. This will draw blood to your lips and make them look pouty. The process isn’t very effective and it takes time to make your lips plump. You’ll feel the pain in your mouth after a few days.


Did you know that toothpaste can be used to make your lips plump? This is a drying technique that can cause chapped lips.

To apply toothpaste, you simply rub it on your lips using a Lip Balm. Then, use a toothbrush to brush it in. The toothpaste makes your lips more swollen and massaging them with a toothbrush will increase circulation, which can enhance your pout. Do not forget to apply lip balm after using this toothpaste. It is very drying and can cause severe irritation.

Massage Your Lips until They Plump

 The best way to get fuller lips is to massage them from the inside using the buccal massage technique. This works by improving your lips and getting rid those annoying fine lines.

Apply some face oil to your lips and form a V shape with your index fingers. Use opposite movements to move your fingers along your lips. Try a downward-upward lift pressing by inserting your thumbs into the mouth. This will help you to lift your drooping corners as well as erase fine lines.

Cover them up

Depending on how you view makeup, it can make life easier or more difficult. It’s not natural and it is certainly less complicated than fillers and surgery. Some lip products give a fuller look after application. One example is over lining the lips and filling in the new shape.

Peppermint oil with lip balm

Peppermint oil is cooling but can also cause swelling. Peppermint oil can be combined with an emollient to give your pout more lift. Add a small amount of peppermint essential oil to your lip balm and rub it onto your lips. It will create a fuller mouth and provide a cooling sensation. Use caution when using too much peppermint oil. Essential oils can cause skin chemical burns.

We strongly recommend you to stay clear of it.

These techniques are much easier than the scary ones we’re mentioning because it’s been recommended by many bloggers without warnings.

You can use stuff like ginger powder, cayenne pepper (which are similar to red chili pepper), peppermint or coconut oil, and mix it with honey or coconut oil. After that, you apply the mixture and massage it for ten more seconds.

We don’t want our lips to get bigger, so we won’t be tempted to overpower them with spiced foods that will cause them to burn. It’s not a good idea, we think! This is why we advise you to avoid this technique if possible.

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